Energy Monitors

Safety and Code Compliance

You can’t change what you don’t know!

Your cheapest power for your home is the electricity that you don’t use. The key to reducing your home energy bills is to become energy smart and have a greater understanding of when and where you consume. An energy monitor is a handy tool in this process. Studies show that an average reduction of 8% when an energy monitor is installed.

Energy monitors have two basic components, a sensor installed at your electrical panel and a portable handheld or tabletop display that shows the amount of energy you are using in real time.


  • You Know
    • How much you are using.
    • When you are using.
    • Knowledge is the first step in reducing electrical use, ‘You can’t change what you don’t know’.
  • You Change
    • Reduce usage.
    • Shift energy use to periods of lower cost your energy habits.
  • Plus
    • Any time you reduce your electrical usage you help the environment.
    • Easy installation.
    • Data can be transferred to your computer and the software provided used to plot usage trends and patterns.
    • Windows and iOS compatible.

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