Programmable Thermostat

Safety and Code Compliance

Keep comfort and keep cash.

A programmable thermostat is designed to adjust the heating system in your house automatically. Its programmable settings allow the heating system to take advantage of lower ‘time-of-use’ energy pricing. The reduction of the heating levels when the home is unoccupied, usually during the day, can add up to significant savings but still allow the temperature to be automatically returned to the desired level before anyone arrives home.


  • Programmable
    • After the thermostat has been programmed any further adjustments are minimal.
    • Different cycles for different days are possible; a weekday program can be different than that of a weekend day.
  • Savings
    • Money: Reduction of heating costs by using less energy and switching usage to lower-rate periods
    • Environmental: Less energy used means less carbon produced which reduces your environmental impact.

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