Specialty Switches & Receptacles

Safety and Code Compliance

Hands Free!

Some of the latest in styles and design add control, function and style without taking up more space. The innovative devices bring you stylish ways to install more function into any wall box. Having your receptacle and switches upgraded is not just a convenience, but an investment in safety.


  • Convenience
    • A receptacle with a built in L.E.D. nightlight in the children’s room gives them automatic comfort and safety, everyday.
    • A GFCI receptacle for your bathroom with a built in LED night light means never having to change a bulb in a receptacle inserted nightlight again, or remembering to turn it on in the evening.
    • A motion sensor switch in the laundry room so that you’re not fumbling for a switch when carrying a basket or arm-full of laundry.
    • A lit receptacle in a hall or stair way prevents having to walk in the dark.
  • Safety
    • Eliminates the danger of walking into a dark space.
    • Reduces the risk of stumbling or tripping.
    • Allows guests or people unfamiliar with your home to safely move about.
    • Never need to remember to turn on the night light in a room.
  • Savings
    • Sensors in the device automatically turn on the light when needed, and off again when enough light is available. There’s no wasted power since it’s only there when you need it.

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