Surge Protectors

Safety and Code Compliance

The little things can make a big difference!

When most people think of surge protection for their home and electronics they tend to view it as prevention damage from damage caused by voltage spikes originating outside the home—such as utility voltage fluctuations or lighting strikes. In reality, the small spikes generated inside the home can often do more damage. Their effects accumulate and can cause premature failure of your home’s equipment. With the abundance of electrical equipment like air conditioners, refrigerators, dryers, etc., the starting and stopping of electrical loads constantly generate, small voltage spikes that, over time, stress, and wear out electronics present in most home equipment. The addition of a total house surge protection can help condition the electrical power for the equipment in your home, thereby extending its operating life.


  • Savings
    • Protects electronics from the effects of small voltage spikes and fluctuations and prolongs life.
  • Protection
    • Prevents early failure of electrical equipment.
    • Prevents equipment loss due to spikes resulting from utility problems.
    • Helps protect against loss and fire from lightning strikes.
  • Plus
    • Your equipment is protected without the use of awkward power bars, wherever you are in your house. Whenever connected to your electrical system, you are protected.

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