Electrical Service Plans

Service Plans

Comprehensive Electrical Maintenance Packages

Keeping You Powered

A good maintenance program reduces your repair costs, minimizes or eliminates equipment downtime, and helps lower your electrical utilities to help save you money. It can also help in identifying potential hazards before they become life-threatening.

Generator Care Plan

Generator Care Plan

You know the convenience and the peace of mind that your generator provides; now think how much greater that feeling would be with a yearly generator care plan from Anything Electric. Remember that your generator is only reliable if it’s in working condition. Protect your investment and warranty by keeping up with regular maintenance so your generator is ready the day you need it.

What’s in the Plan?

Service Agreements for Electrical Systems
Customized Electrical Service Packages

Commercial Plans

We minimize the downtime in your business by ensuring that your equipment functions properly. Performing regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance will keep your critical equipment operating at its peak performance. We tailor the plan to meet the needs and desires of your business, meaning you get only the services you need.

What’s in the Plan?

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Anything Electric doesn’t just install electrical systems; we keep them in tip-top shape. Reduce repair costs, minimize downtime, and have the peace of mind that you’re in good hands with the best electricians in the area with our comprehensive service plans. Contact us today to get started.