Tamper Resistant Receptacle Retrofits

Safety and Code Compliance

Your child’s natural curiosity can lead them into danger. New tamper resistant receptacles are designed to help protect children from the hazard of inserting foreign objects into electrical receptacles.

These receptacles are now required by Canadian Electrical code in new and renovated residential construction. If your home was built before the mandatory requirement of tamper resistant receptacles, Anything Electric will gladly explore with you the possibility of switching out your present receptacles for these child-safe, tamper proof receptacles.


  • Peace of Mind
    • Knowing that you have provided the latest in protection for your young children’s safety as they grow and explore your home.
  • Safety
    • While your present receptacles are being replaced with these TR-receptacles there will be opportunity for your electrician to do a close inspection of your home’s wiring and identify potential risks.
  • Plus
    • The added benefit of updating the decor of your home as a style and colour change can be accomplished at the same time for no extra cost. Check out the SPECIALTY SWITCHES & RECEPTACLES also available, as extra functionality can be added for little cost.

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