Under Cabinet Lighting

Safety and Code Compliance

Well lit areas are more pleasing to work in and studies show that better lighting helps prevent eye fatigue.

The most common work area in the home is the kitchen, with others being work and craft benches, sewing areas, and home office/work stations. Many of these areas are under lit for the tasks performed. It is also shown that for people under 40 years of age, light levels can be reduced by 30% but need to be increased by 30% for those over 55.

At Anything Electric, we recommend L.E.D. under cabinet lights because of their excellent light output, excellent colour rendition (CRI), slim design, and very low heat output.


  • Savings
    • As L.E.D. bulbs the energy efficiency is excellent.
  • Low Effort
    • The light colour is excellent with different colours available.
    • Low/slim fixture profile allows the fixture to be easily hidden.
    • Easily installed as they are 12 volts.
    • Light output is directional so that it illuminates were you want it most.

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